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Thank you for visiting our website. FFFC very much welcomes your interest in the work that we do.

Children Welcome

For many years, FFFC has assisted charities and organisations concerned with the protection, wellbeing and care of children in the UK and Ireland through the issuing of cash grants for the purchase of essential equipment, or other needed goods and services.

If you are considering becoming a contributor or sponsor of FFFC, either by contributing through the work of our fundraisers, Vision Publication group, or by a direct donation , or an offer of services to raise donations; then we sincerely thank you for taking the time to look at what we do.

Our brief is to help fill the funding gaps for those children’s groups who have difficulties in raising money from the usual sources, and whose activities we, as trustees, believe to be essential towards the aim of helping children in your local communities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

You will find on this site a list of those organisations that have already benefitted from the generosity of our contributors and sponsors. This list is updated quarterly.

We hope that you find the site informative. However, if you wish to ask further questions, please call or email us (see Contact Us). (Since all of the trustees are volunteers and therefore are not available full-time, we will respond to you as soon as we possibly can.)

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