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Not only does Vision publish a Handbook dedicated to the Foresters' Fund for Children [FFFC], bringing in much needed funds that FFFC turns in to grants, but the company has also taken over the lead in publishing the booklets for ClassM8 4 Life campaign as part of our 'Child at Risk Awareness' initiative. It is because of Visions' commitment to the Fund that we can continue to help children wherever in the UK there is a need.

Think how many grants and how much more FFFC will be able to do with your added support for Class M8 4 Life! The publications that Vision produce constitute FFFC's major source of funding and allows them to continue to help children. Find out more about Class M8 by clicking here.


The Fund is delighted that Microsoft is Helping Us to Help Children – in particular, to keep kids safe. Their sponsorship of our Child Safety Handbook means that more parents and children will know what to look out for and what to do when facing the issues that confront them.

Keep Kids Safe Handboook